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Kujlin vagy pinjin írásmóddal Guilin (kínaiul: 桂林) nagyváros Kína déli részén, a Kuanghszi Csuang Nemzetiségi Autonóm Területen.. Kujlin (Guilin) az ország egyik leglátványosabb hegyvidékének közelében fekszik. A várostól délre az olykor 100 méter magas természetes kupolák és tornyok alkotta igen szép táj terül el, s a Kuj folyó mindkét partján csillogó. Guilin (桂林; Guì lín) is a city in North Guangxi, China.Guilin is a scenic town and one of the best-known tourist destinations in China. There are many scenic places within short traveling distance of Guilin Guilin lies in the northren portion o Guangxi, an haes a tot aurie o 27,809 square kilometre (10,737 sq mi).The topografie o the aurie is merked bi karst formations.The Li River flaws throu the ceety.. Hills an Muntains: Diecai Hill (zh:叠彩山), Elephant Trunk Hill, Wave-Subduing Hill (zh:伏波山), Lipu Muntains, Kitten Muntain (zh:猫儿山) an Yao Hill ( The Guilin relationship with the New Zealand city Hastings started in 1977, after a research scientist, Dr Stuart Falconer identified a number of common areas of interest between the two cities, including horticulture and their rural-urban mix. In 1997 Guilin commenced an exchange relationship with Ōta, Gunma, Japan Guilin dia tanàna ao amin'ny faritanin'i Guangxi ao Sina. Jeografia. Ny isam-ponina dia 649352 mponina tamin'ny taona 2012. Toe-tany Jereo koa. Sina. Guangxi; Tsiahy.

Guilin is a prefecture-level city in the northeast of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. It is on the west bank of the Li River.It borders Hunan to the north.Its name means, Forest of Sweet Osmanthus.This is due to the large number of fragrant Sweet Osmanthus trees grown throughout the city. It has long been renowned for its scenery of karst rock formations Guilin (kastilla aru: Guilin, chinu aru: 桂林, pinyin: Guìlín), China marka. Antes de Cristo 214 25° 16′ 23″S 110° 17′ 25″O Jaqinaka: 4,747,963 Links. Commons katt'ana uñnaqa Guilin. Guilin. Guilin lijiang. Guilin. Esta página se editó por última vez el 25 juy 2016 a las 07:35.. Guilin, litteris Sinicis 桂林, est urbs Sericae et olim caput provinciae Quansiae. Notae Bibliographia. Kait Bolongaro. Air Guilin (Chinese: 桂林航空; pinyin: Guìlín Hángkōng) is a Chinese airline with its headquarters in Xiufeng District, Guilin, Guangxi, and with Guilin Liangjiang International Airport as its main base of flight operations. A joint venture between the Guilin Municipal Government and HNA Group, the airline began operations in June 2016 using Airbus A319 aircraft

Guilin city irĩa nene ya China.City ya Guilin irĩ igũrũ mũno ta 153 m Le parc Guilin (chinois simplifié : 桂林公园 ; chinois traditionnel : 桂林公園 ; pinyin : Guìlín gōngyuán) est un parc public dans le district de Xuhui, à Shanghai, en Chine. Le parc est situé à la station de métro du même nom sur la ligne 12 [1]. La ligne 15, en cours de construction, s'y arrêtera également [2] An Guilin amo an usa ka syudad ha Kanan Katawhan Republika han Tsina. Guilin Usa ka turók ini nga barasahon. Dako it imo maibubulig ha Wikipedia pinaagi han pagparabong hini. An Wikimedia Commons mayda media nga nahahanungod han: Guilin Ini nga pakli kataposan nga ginliwat dida han 09:58, 12 Oktubre 2020.. Guilin(en Chiniana: 桂林,en Zhuangiana:Gveilinz) esas metropolo e famoza turistala loko en la sudo di Popul-Republiko Chinia.Ol jacas an la fluvio Li, ed okupas cirkum 27,809 km². En la yaro 2010 ol havis 4 747 963 habitanti Guilin-distance-shot-with-tower.jpg 1,000 × 354; 102 KB Guilin-River-and-20-Yuan-Note (cropped).jpg 1,995 × 1,728; 979 KB Guilin.épices du marché.jpg 4,940 × 3,272; 4.01 M

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  1. Wikipedia . Alternative forms (from Wade-Giles) Kuei-lin; Etymology . From the pinyin romanization of the Mandarin pronunciation of Chinese 桂林 (Guìlín, Laurel Forest ), with particular reference to the area's Cinnamomum cassia. Proper noun . Guilin. A city in Guangxi, China
  2. sken üüb 236.700 km². Hoodstääd as Nanning, ööder grat stääden diar san Guilin, Liuzhou, Wuzhou an Beihai.. Uun Guangxi lewe bütj Han-Sjineesen uk twaalew manertaalen, fööraal a Zhuang, man uk Yao, Miao, Dong.
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  5. Ben Lomond (Scots Gaelic: Beinn Laomainn) is a muntain in the Scots Hielands, at it's summit it haes a heich o 974 metre (3,196 ft) abuin sea level.The muntain is locatit on the east bank o Loch Lomond within the Loch Lomond an The Trossachs Naitional Pairk.It is the soothmaist o the Munros.. Ben Lomond appears tae hae a conical shape whan luiked at frae the Arrochar Alps nearby but it haes a.
  6. The Li River, also called Li Jiang in Chinese, is a river in Guilin Guangxi, China.It is famous for its Karst landscape of mountains and rivers by water cruise. Background. Li River starts from Mount Mao'er and ranges 83 kilometers southeast from Guilin to Yangshuo, and continues south as the Gui River, which flows into the Xi Jiang River in Wuzhou, the western tributary of the Pearl River in.
  7. De ott volt Guilin fia Gwindor, Gelmir fivére, aki előrerontott, majd Fingon megfúvatta a harsonáit, és hirtelen egész serege kivágtatott, és levágták a nyugati sereget. Gwindor a nargothrondiakkal berontott Angband kapuján, de fogságba ejtették. Akkor Morgoth kiküldte a Thangorodrimból a fősereget, és Fingon kénytelen volt.

Disclaimer. 1 The average fleet age is based on our own calculations and may differ from other figures. Only supported aircraft types that are active with this airline are included in the calculations. Please refer to the current fleet list to see each aircraft's individual age. 2 Future records only include new-built aircraft close to delivery and expected second-hand deliveries Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation Guilin: 桂林市 Guìlín Shì Gveilinz 5 Hezhou: 贺州市 Hézhōo Shì Hohcouh 6 Chongzuo: 崇左市 Chóngzuǒ Shì Cungzcoj 7 Nanning: 南宁市 Nánníng Shì Namzningz 8 Laibin: 来宾市 Láibīn Shì Leizbingz 9 Guigang: 贵港市 Guìgǎng Shì Gveigangj 10 Wuzhou: 梧州市 Wúzhōo Shì Ngouzcouh 11 Fangchenggang: 防城港市.

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Yangshuo (阳朔; Yáng shuò) is a popular tourist county and city near Guilin, Guangxi. The small city is surrounded by karst mountains, winding rivers and beautiful scenery. It serves as a fantastic base camp for further exploration Guilin's Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas is one of the Guilin's attractions. It is situated in Shanhu (Shan Lake). The word sun and moon in Chinese character written together meant brightness. Some say it symbolises the future of Guilin is bright. The Sun Pagoda is constructed with copper; it has 9 floors and reaches a height of 41 metres. The Moon Pagoda's construction is made of marble; it has 7. Guilin is very popular as a starting point for Li River cruises to Yangshuo and for visits to the nearby minority villages of Yao, Miao and Dong. April, May, September and October are the best months to visit, as they avoid the extremes of heat and rain. Start planning for Guilin O Aeroporto Internacional de Guilin Liangjiang é o Aeroporto que serve Liangjiang, 28 km a sudoeste de Guilin, Guangxi, na República Popular da China. Linhas Aéreas e Destinos. Companhias Destinos AirAsia: Kuala Lumpur: Air China: Beijing-Capital, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Kunming, Nanjing, Shanghai-Hongqiao, Xiamen.

Guilin synonyms, Guilin pronunciation, Guilin translation, English dictionary definition of Guilin. also Kwei·lin A city of southeast China in Guangxi province northwest of Guangzhou. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition... As the name indicates, North Railway Station is located in the north of the city, at the border with Linchuan County. It is one of the major stations along Guiyang - Guangzhou High Speed Railway and Shenzhen-Guilin High Speed Rail Line.Currently, the station mainly operates bullet type to/from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanning and a few ordinary ones to Beijing and Shanghai Daxu Old Town, along the Li River, is about 23km south of Guilin. Founded during Northern Song Dynasty, this primitive town owns a history of 1,000 years and still retain ancient Chinese residences along a flagstone walk and antique Longevity Bridge

Guilin (桂林; Guì lín) and the surrounding region are among the most scenic areas in China and the most popular tourist destinations both for Chinese travellers and the international backpacker set. Guilin is the hub for trips to the surrounding area's karst terrain, limestone mountains eroded into fantastic shapes. Apart from its sheer visual beauty, karst terrain also provides many. Kuvaus: Location of Guilin in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region: Päiväys: 29. tammikuuta 2013: Lähde: This file was derived from: File:Map of Province in China 450000 広西壮族自治区.svg Tekijä: Lincun: Käyttöoikeu The official travel and accommodation website for visitGuilin.org provides visitors with the best hotels and things to do in Guilin China. Guilin. Guilin has so much to see that you might want to stay here, from caving to cycling, evening shows, the famous Li River Cruise and much more The proverb 桂林山水甲天下 (Guìlín shānshuǐ jiǎtiānxià) proclaims that Guilin's scenery is the most beautiful under heaven, and rightly so. Surrounded by picturesque limestone mountains, the bustling city is comfortably located along China's famous Li River in the gorgeous province of Guangxi. CLI feels fortunate to call Guilin home

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Huang Xianfan (in cinés mandarèin 黄現璠/ 黄现璠; Fusui, 13 nuvänber 1899 - Guilin, 18 znêr 1982) l'é stê un stôrico e studiōs dal râsi cinés, al fundadôr dal stódi al Zhuang e scōli Bagui cinés. Nutési ed la só véta. Nèd a Fusui dal 1899 int'na famàjja. Guilin is a Prefecture level city and is the largest city located in the spectacular scenic karst area of China. It is the home of China's Karst Institute and also from a mineralogical point of view, home to a large stone market Founded in 1935, Guilin Medical University is a non-profit public higher-education institution located in the large city of Guilin (population range of 500,000-1,000,000 inhabitants), Guangxi Huang Xianfan (cinese: 黄現璠/黄现璠) (Fusui, 13 'e nuvembre 1899 - Guilin, 18 'e jennaro 1982) fuje nu storico e antropologo cinese, fundatore d' 'a Scuele Bagui.Fuje 'o maiore storico e antropologo da storia e antropologia cinese int'ô XX secul De Li Jiang, och Li-Floss genannt, ass eng chineesesch Touristenattraktioun, mat dat schéinst, wat d'Volleksrepublik China ze bidden huet. De Li ass en 100 km laange Floss deen op enger Längt vun 83 km vu Guilin aus bis Yangshuo mat Touristeschëffer befuer gëtt. D'Visiteure kënnen do eng aussergewéinlech Landschaft gesinn, eng exotesch Landschaft wéi aus engem Mäerchebuch, déi et soss.

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Belisana guilin Yao & Li in Zhu et al., 2020: 176 Type locality: Unnamed cave (25°12'56.00N, 110°09'17.90E, elevation 144 m), S306 Provincial Road, 30 meters east of Feihulinju, Lingui District, Guilin, Guangxi, China Stunning aerial footage of Guilin and Yangshuo (China) shot with the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. Both these regions are UNESCO World Heritage sites and are a MUST.. La batalha de Guilin-Liuzhou se debanèt dins lo corrent de la Segonda Guèrra Mondiala dau 16 d'aost au 24 de novembre de 1944.Fa partida dei batalhas principalas de l'operacion Ichi-Go.Après la conquista de la màger part dei províncias de Hunan e de Guangdong, lei Japonés menacèron Guilin e Liuzhou.Coma la defensa èra principalament assegurada per de subrevivents de la quatrena batalha. Huang Xianfan (chinu tradicional: 黄現璠; chinu simplificáu: 黄现璠; pinyin: Huáng Xiànfán) (13 de payares de 1899, Fusui (es) - 18 de xineru de 1982, Guilin (es)) foi ún de los más importantes historiadores chinos, especializáu n'historia de Zhuang, conocíu pol papel que xugó nel establecimientu de la Escuela de Bagui (chinu:八桂學派鼻祖)

Introduction. Guilin and Lijiang River National Park (桂林漓江) in Guangxi is the first batch National Park of China.. It says that Guilin's (桂林) scenery is best among all under heaven.However, Yangshuo 's (阳朔) scenery is the best in Guilin. Lijiang River (漓江), or River Li, between Guilin and Yangshuo is one of the most beautiful sceneries of China Guilin Park is a public park in Shanghai, China. It is located at the homonymous metro station on line 12. Line 15 will also stop here, as of 2018 being under construction. Established in 1929 as a private residence of Huang Jinrong, the park covers a total area of 35,500 square meters Blow Painting demonstration by the painter Xu Huang in Guilin. At the entrance of the Ludi cave, the famous painter Xu Huang put up his studio. Since earlies.. Táinán seu litteris Sinicis 臺南 est urbs insulae Formosae et rei publicae Sinarum.E castello Zeelandia vicisque subditis crevit. Quod a conquisitoribus Batavis anno 1624 conditum, intra saeculum XVII colonia fuerit eisdem, mox urbs capitalis rebellatori Sinensi Coxingae et emporium Britannis, deinde caput praefecturae Taivanensis sub regno Qing.Hodie est metropolis magnitudine quarta rei.

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